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Happy 3rd WERPversary!

While things have been quiet for now, I didn't think it would be fair to have this go unnoticed. I know that things are a little different now but it's a good time to reflect upon the fun that we had. We were epic story tellers and guess what? We told a damned good story. While we did end on a cliffhanger, one thing for sure is that we had a wild ride in getting there filled with a lot of ups and a few downs. But one thing's for sure was that it was unforgettable.

So as sit down to watch the movie again (or maybe you're watching Cars 2), we can always remember that 3 years ago, we started something epic and even if we aren't RPing together as much as we did in the old days, we will always still have each other.

So once again, Happy 3rd WERPversary. Thanks to everyone involved for making it such a blast!

- Steele

Time to stop pretending, I think . . .

Yeah, you know what? I'm done. I am completely and utterly burned out on Wall-E, and my muse for this game is fucking dead and more or less has been since probably August.

WERP Continues!

WERP is officially back on track!

Everyone, I apologize that the details of the jump/recap took longer than intended to finalize... as you all know, the past couple of weeks have been quite interesting for me and I know that they have been for just about everyone else here. This entry is much a recap of an OOC note in my recent posts in the main thread right now, and to reiterate, we have jumped back to the solar system. WERP is going to continue in the same direction that the end of Season 2 headed before the detour (the direction much akin to the epic action near the end of the first season), and to help our characters catch a bit of a break as well as get more fun character development (and of course to open up many more awesome RPing doors to us), the story is caught up to the point where we're able to take care of what you could think of as more or less the equivalent to sidequests in video games. In other words, everyone has more freedom to write and participate in storylines, such as old ideas we've set on the back burner for a while (i.e. the WEVE wedding... XD) as well as new ones we'd like to try a hand at.

As of right now, the Axiom is heading back to Earth, and the others are still on Mars for now. The Moonbase crew are about to head back for the evening whilst the Heritage pick up from the wild ride that they've had recently. This RP-time evening should give all of us a chance to catch up and jump back in, and then we can go forth into the more relaxed storylines.

If everyone recalls the rules of the RP, it's set up so that multiple storylines can happen. So, if people want to have their characters in one storyline as well as another, we can have as many threads open as needed for such. This is all still Season 3, but titles of posts will be set to minimize confusion. This should help everyone get their muses back, defeat writer's block, and return to the fun that WERP truly is. Let's have fun, everyone and enjoy this unprecedented amount of freedom and added ability to write for our great characters. ^_^

WERP Game Night: Updates!

Hey there, guys!

Okay, so I've updated everything Game Night related. In case you missed it (or my journals got buried in your f-lists), here are the links to the entries:

(This is to all the rules and info)

(Storycrafting and other info. There's a poll in there that needs more votes. There's a poptart waiting for you if you do. ^^)

(Some basic info not covered in today's rule posting)

(The official Game Night website)

- Steele

WERP Game Night - Links and Info

Hi, guys!

Anyways, as you know, we have been bouncing around the idea of a game night on Skype designed for WERPers. So I have been posting polls and information in my journal throughout the week. If you forgot to vote, here`s the links again for you guys to check out:

(This poll ends on Wednesday)

(This poll ends on Friday)

(Additional information)

- Steele

Brainstorming Thread IV

It's been a very long time in coming, but looking over where we've come and where we'd like to go, I think that this brainstorming thread is long overdue. As such, here it is!

WERP is now in its third season, and while that alone is pretty incredible, we can make it better. We're still in Phase 1 of Act III, and as such, the canvas is fresh and we can really do a lot from here. The general idea is that BnL is still present, but things can still be added to that and modified around it, making this more of what WERP was and still is... everyone's story. If you've got ideas to add to this new season, don't hesitate to post them.

As the entire group of storycrafters, here are just some of the general things we can discuss here:

*What do we want to see happen?

*What ideas do we have for plotlines around this third season?

*Where do we go on Gliese 581 d or even back on Earth?

And there we go. The thread is open, so please post away. Let's get some great ideas out here and make Season 3 a great one. ^_^

Happy (early) WERP-Day!

(M-chan's Note: Steele's entry showed up with a decent error return on my end, so to help get this out there for all of us whilst she's unable to be online, here you go. Also, thanks to you, Steele... for making such an incredible RP and helping to bring all of us together. ^_^)

From Steele:

I'm going to take a special moment to add a big Happy Birthday to WERP. WERP was the very first Wall-e RP on the block being brought on to the scene just a week after the movie came out. We were the first and we are the most longest running RP in the fandom. I want to thank everyone old and new; fans, followers, and players; past and present who have made WERP in to the phenomena that it is today. Even to this day, we are still getting new members and we are in the middle of our 3rd season! It's been an awesome two years and I love you guys!

Thanks to the following people:

- Elfgirl
- Shadowwolf
- Frankincensy
- Ashura
- Netbug
- BC
- Lightning
- ElasticPoodle
- Schellibie
- Kbuckner
- Midoriri
- Julian
- Suzumeshojo


- Steele



Although, to see it, you might have to join the group. XD;; I made a WERP ref in the comments. XD

- Steele
THE TIME IS 6:41 AM ON A MONDAY WHY AM I AWAKE 1848. IN HOPES OF A BETTER FUTURE, PEOPLE (and robots, which totally existed back then) TRAVEL TOWARDS OREGON.



(alt title: SO, can we have a crack tag?)

(alt alt title: Net, why did you pick the hardest difficulty setting?)

(alt alt alt title: Sry I'll poat before doing anymore of these cross my heart.)

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(Alt title: Don't let Netbug at an old Oregon Trail emulator.
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