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The Next Frontier: Phase 1

With even more turning points and surprise plot twists having been reached in WERP's amazing story during the second season, not only is it time for the next phase, it's time for the next season! Excitement abounds as our crew goes off into new, virtually uncharted territory in an attempt to reunite with two of their own while trying to determine just what else is going on in the galaxy. As new alliances are forged to become even stronger bonds and new dangers are uncovered, WERP continues on with the story that started with one very curious WALL-E unit.

We're starting right where the last season left off, so once again, let's head off TO INFINITY! AND BEYOND!

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Surpassing the "Masters"

Hello WERP! I bring you ARTS!

It's not my arts, though... this comic was actually drawn by the incredibly talented and awesome babycharmander, who sadly can't post this herself right now because she's away at college. I simply offered to put it up for her so that everyone can see it, and as such, all credit goes to her. ^^ Hope you all enjoy!

WARNING: This comic contains CRACK and SPOILERS for those who aren't completely up to date with the RP yet. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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New Affiliate! ^^

Good news, everyone! WERP now has a new affiliate! Created by everyone's favourite, Shadowwolf75, is a whole new forum called Buzz Revolution for the Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command fandom. So if you`re a fan or just interested in aspects of the Toy Story fandom, you can visit it right here: http://buzz-rev.forumotion.com/forum.htm

- Steele

Layout work.

As you may have noticed, the layout of WERP has been changed slightly. This is because I am trying to fix the vertical ads that keep on disrupting the layout of the page. If anyone has any way that this could be fixed, I would greatly appreciate the help.

Sorry for the inconvinience.

- Steele

Welcome To Destiny: Phase 22

And finally we're here, back at Mars to kick a little butt! Luc and his goons will never know what hit them . . .

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Welcome to Destiny: Phase 21

(OOC: It's been a long road, but it looks like the latest arc of Season 2 is finally coming to a close. Will the cure truly help Auto after all, or is he too far gone to be saved? Will Aida and Madam realize that there are better ways to achieve the goals of the Heritage? Will robots of the Axiom crew be able to catch a break after the past whirlwind of a day? Will Luc ever be able to unleash the crack-tastic Giant Heritage Crabs? Stay tuned to find out!)

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TV Tropes . . .

Uh, yeah, we now have a tropes page! Clicky-clicky, you know you want to . . .

Heh, between all of us it should be easy to fill the page!


All right... I really should have said this earlier, but I guess I kindof forgot.

Some of you know this already, but I'm going away to college. I move into my dorm tomorrow. This, of course, means I won't be able to post too often.

However, alongside that, I don't know if I'll have access to LJ or Skype due to the filtered internet access. This WILL NOT prevent me from posting on WERP, though. I can read the posts through email, and I will write up posts when it's my turn and send them to Lightning, who will post them for me. When a new phase is up, she will track it for me so I'll still keep receiving emails.

If it turns out I can't use Skype, you all can email me at BabyCharmander at MSN dot com.

Sorry I won't be able to be online so much. D: I will miss yuo d00dz.

Welcome to Destiny: Phase 20

(OOC: Finally! After not quite three long months of even more suspense-filled build-up, the epic story of WERP continues via the heralded Phasejump! Things might have slowed down for the characters, but that's only temporary... more action lies ahead courtesy of timejumps, characters being introduced, and yes, even plots being unveiled. Let's all do our best to pick things back up even more than we'd aimed to... as with this being the twentieth phase of Season 2, it's only right.

Onward! To justice... AND DESTINY!)

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